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Hawaii Environmental Health Association

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HEHA Welcome


 Aloha, and welcome to the Hawaii Environmental Health Association website.  The Hawaii Environmental Health Association (HEHA), is an affiliate of the National Environmental Health Association (  HEHA was established to further the professional knowledge in environmental health, and to keep abreast of current developments in technical, administrative, and scientific subjects. 


HEHA has in previous years co-sponsored with the support of the Department of Health's Environmental Health Services Division an Annual Educational Conference, seminars, and workshops that brings together professionals from all areas of environmental health.  Some of the past topics include, food safety, vector control, sanitation, professional developments, team building, toxic substances, emerging diseases, bioterrorism, and emergency response.  We are in the process of rebuilding this relationship for the benefit of all Environmental Health Professionals in Hawaii.


Please take some time to browse the additional links to further learn about the organization and also any upcoming events. 


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